Day 1

It's actually day 3, but I'm behind.  And yet with that simple twist of words, I refuse to say that.  I'm changing my pace.  I"m going to be slow and steady.  A slow and steady burn.  I'm sick.  I worked all weekend in the 5 degree weather and I feel miserable, but the sickness has slowed me down.  Can I write these like a diary entry?

I work for a woman running a bar and I work for a man running a bar.  They are both in their fifties, immigrants from other countries: Norway and Greece, respectively.  The differences could be made into a book, except I"m still in this stasis of life that needs to dive deeper before being able to add to the cultural and social mileu.

I"m studying for my food handlers permit and researching grants for women.  Wish me luck.  

Also watching Alias Grace.



Rhianna LehmanComment