January 31st, 2018

"From the little spark may burst a might flame" - Dante

Tonight is the full moon, Super moon, and lunar moon.  What that means i'm not sure, I'll look it up after this post.  Mission statement and Business Plan:

I am starting a PR Agency that is specifically designed for women.  

The space is named Jericho, a dance studio in the morning 7am-2pm.  I"ll hire single mothers and women in the neighborhood with no cost fee to teach and make a living.  From 3pm-2am the space will serve as a performance space for local women musicians to perform.  The bar will be a meeting place for women entrepreneurs that will serve local draft beer, kava, and mixed cocktails.  The bars aesthetic will be an altar to all female warriors, saints, and singers.  The audience and customers will target young 20 year old women to come and be inspired and fulfill their dreams and destiny.  

Rhianna LehmanComment