February 5th, 2018

I pitched a loft space in Bushwick and was shut down.  Someone approached me about a laundromat in Bed Stuy and my mind went a million miles per minute.  It turns out I'm aggressive in business, but no one wants to see that in a woman.  i have to learn how to keep my cool. or else I'll blow it.  I've done that a couple hundred times so far.  But i'm not learning how to operate on New York standards of business.  I"m learning about myself.  That's what this whole life is about, not to conform, but find yourself, find God in yourself.  So for me this is a big adventure, a new chapter in my business model.  And I couldn't be more thrilled, except for the fact that I really did sort of screw up this chance at a free space.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  

Rhianna LehmanComment